Family activities - Ambleside pier and Borrans park

If you want to enjoy a gentle walk under the sun and the amazing views of Windermere Lake, visit Borrans park in Ambleside. The park is situated at the end of the town and has plenty of wooden benches facing the lake. The park is a home of the 2nd century Roman Fort of Galava, build to protect the trade routs of Cumbria. 
Borrans park is just next to Ambleside pier where you can choose one of Windermere Lake Cruises and spend a magnificent day on the lake...don't forget your camera! 
Prefer staying on shore? Why not take the kids to feed the ducks and swans, that is always a memorable experience for them, plus it's a family fun activity which is absolutely free of charge...if we don't count the bread of would need a few loafs ;)
You can also have a picnic in the park or play ball, have a drink or some ice-cream at one of the cafes, plenty of opportunities for a great family day out. 

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