Places to visit near Ambleside - Ullswater Lake

Ullswater is a narrow 'ribbon lake' formed after the last ice age. It is fed by mountain streams and drained by the river Eamont, the waters link with the Irish Sea and are an important gateway for breeding salmon. Surrounded by Helvellyn (950m) and Catstycam at the south-western end of the valley, Ullswater lake is 12 km long and 0.8 km wide and it's dark still waters have a maximum depth of 62 m. You can drive from Ambleside to Glenridding and take a cruise on the lake with Ullswater Steamers. You can either enjoy the lake from the boat or get off at one of the piers and walk back. There are several popular walks around the lake,  the 9 km Pooley Bridge walk, the 5 km Hallin Fell Circular walk, the 11 km Howtown - Glenridding walk or the 3 km Lanty's tarn Circular walk. Glenridding was once the most important mining village in Britain with exceptionally high silver content - around 15-30 ounces per tone of ore. At the other end of the lake is the beautiful village Pooley Bridge. Built around the 16th century, the village is buzzing tourist destination with stunning views over the lake. Ullswater lake is linked to the Arthurian legend and often referred as "The Dark Lake" The ancient woodlands around are habitat of some of England's rarest birds and mammals: red breasted merganser, nuthatch, peregrine falcon, red squirrel and otter.

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